Review written for back cover of Chrissy Siggee’s Out of the Shadows – Jenna’s Secret (2008)


Contributing author in this first-of-its-kind collaborative mystery novel!

Struggle Creek (2007)
Mystery… Generations ago, a Civil War skirmish was fought on the banks of Struggle Creek. Now, a different battle has come to the small Tennessee town, and a community’s peace is shattered by fear. Secrets… The once trusting, close-knit community is unraveling. Could one of them be behind the deadly secret in the woods? Could one of them be a killer? Faith… Against the backdrop of fear and mistrust, the people of Struggle Creek are faced with a decision. Will they choose to trust in God and each other? Or will their bitterness and fear rob them of their innocence forever?


Contributing author – a collection of inspirational writings.

The Suitcase (2006)
An auctioneer, a time-worn treasure, an eternal destiny.


Secrets of the Ice (2005)
This Chat-A-Book project was created in 2005 with the working title “Assignment to White Planet 8069”. The writers met weekly in a private chat room and “acted” out the story, ad lib. The characters’ conversations happened in real time, with natural reactions. The transcript is currently being changed to a screen play format. We hope to see Secrets of the Ice on the big screen someday. You may read the original rough draft here.

A Sampling of T. Ruby’s Short Stories


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