Current WIP:  Contemporary Romance

I have begun work on a new manuscript! The first 15 pages have been entered in the Genesis contest.

Current Goal for WIP:  Get it done!!

I am continuing to finish the rough draft. I have yet to decide what my daily word count or page count should be. I guess choosing a “done by” date will help me with this, eh? I just don’t know what is realistic for me.  I’m guessing around 2 pages a day of raw writing? That means the rough draft will take at least 9 months to complete – HOW PERFECT!!  A manuscript is often compared to a baby and we all know how long growing ones of those takes!

My overall spiritual theme in my WIP is the prison unforgiveness puts us in. It also shows how forgiveness is for the one offended more than it is for the offender. In my MC’s case, the offender is unable to comprehend the need to ask for forgiveness, so extending it is purely for my MC’s sake. All this and a killer romance, too!!


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