It’s Time to Get Chunky.

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This past week I spent hours proof reading and editing a book written by a friend. It was just what the doctor ordered!

I have been inspired again! I have been encouraged and ignited. These are things I continually need to keep me going on the journey of writing.

Being an At-Home-Mom may give the impression of countless hours available to devote to what I want, but that is a false impression. Being an AHM simply means I have the luxury of choosing to clean my home when my family is not around. This choice means that I have time to exercise and go the grocery store alone. It does not equal hours of unclaimed time.

I continually battle with a mind-set that says hours spent writing are selfish hours. After all, they do not equal income or a tidy home. Quite often they equal chaos because when I am on a roll, all I do is create at the keyboard! The prevailing mindset too often is that writing is meant for a different time in my life. And so I stifle the dream and desire. And is quite easy to drowned it out with the screaming laundry, toothpaste encrusted mirrors, and never-ending dishes.

That is where my resolution comes in. I have been convinced, once again, that I am a writer and should write … now. I just need to put it into balance. I need to get more “chunky” – and I don’t mean body size (although my new espresso machine and countless lattes just may take care of that aspect for me).

In September of 2008 I attended a fantastic writer’s conference and attended a class taught by Allie Pleiter. She discussed the need to find out if you are a big chunk person or little chunk person and then order your life accordingly.

I am a little chunk gal. That means I need to plan ahead, order my days, and accomplish my tasks in little chunks. An example of this would be:

Stumble out of bed and hit “on” button on espresso machine (make sure it has water in the tank and fresh grounds where they should be!).

Put clean dishes from the dishwasher away while machine heats up. (What is that smell? Oh, did I forget to start the dishwasher last night? Make that: Start the dishwasher…)

Begin your day right with a love letter from your first one and only and a response (my devotions) with that coconut latte in hand!

*insert more crazy routine things like remind your children to get dressed and brush their teeth and hair before running to the bus…

Sit down and don’t move that slightly larger derriere until you have written 500 brilliant words in your novel.

Throw in a load of laundry.

Put your arms up, sniff, and decide if you need a shower today. (seriously? I don’t do that … all the time)

Set your timer for one hour and look up all the verses that have to do with strength. Record notes and write one page of Bible study.

Take chicken out of the freezer for supper. Make lunch.

Drop off homework child forgot and pick-up the mail.

You get the point. I have a lot of learning to do yet to fully make this work, but with a little trial and error and a lot of determination – I’ll get there!

And I need to. Just this past week I was presented with a regular editing adventure and was inspired to write a devotional. Add that to the skit book, novel, novella, and Bible study I currently have in process and you have a whole lot of “chunks”!

So what am I waiting for? It’s time to get chunky!!


A New Year, A New Dedication.

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I’ve never really been a part of the “resolution revolution”.  Sure, once in a while I come across a great new resolve that I’m ready to put into permanent place, but on the whole I have never made a point of doing it.  I think it’s a waste of time to think a certain day will motivate me.  The sad truth is that I am still searching for what truly motivates me.

Before you determine that I am a complete slug, I must tell you that I DO make lasting and permanent changes in my life and I DO find inspiration and motivation in life.  I just don’t find it in a day.  Quite honestly, I tend to find it in quiet moments of failure.  In moments when my failings are very clear to see and the results of continuing to walk in them are no longer acceptable.

As I looked back over my 2008 I realized that the only advancement I had made in my writing was to write a review for a book that a friend wrote and attend a conference where another writer aquaintance found an agent and advancement for her novel.  I did nothing except visit and make one feeble pitch for my book that caused the editor’s eyes to glass over and move on to the next writer at the table.


Since then I have done the easy thing of immersing myself into my home and family.  We all know how completely that can consume your life.  Dishes, laundry, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, cooking, shopping, snuggle time with kids, snuggle time with hubby, homework, Dr. appointments, coffee with friends, and the list could go on and on.  It’s so easy to let that all get in the way if you don’t have two very important things: determination and discipline.

For the first time I am allowing myself to make a resolution that may fail, but is so desperately needed.  I am resolving to grow in my discipline of writing and to keep up my determination!  I am not going to let another year pass without my name in a published work – and each year the published work needs to be bigger and better – at least in it’s quality.

This blog is my first step.  I’m not sure just what I want to do with it, but I am determined that “do with it” I will.  I will think, search, whatever I need to until I find what I want.

Hey, if I can resolve to never take a load of laundry out of the dryer without folding it first and keep that resolution for years – I think I can keep the resolve to be determined and grow in discipline … just don’t ask me to put those folded clothes away!!