About Me

web-size1I’ve been writing ever since I could form a sentence and dreaming up stories even before that. I still debate whether or not I can form proper sentences, but I’m working on it.

Officially I started publishing little pieces online through Faithwriters about five years ago. Recently I began to publish pieces with The Cypress Times and have been published in some collaborative works. I have yet to publish a lengthy piece on my own – at least enough to officially call myself an “author” – but I’m working on it.

I love to proclaim anything and everything about my awesome God!! That is why I write. But I am slow at it, partly because I am a perfectionist, partly because I give in to doubts, and partly because I am a busy pastor’s wife with two young children! My daughter also has an autism spectrum disorder which adds a few extra challenges here and there that distract me from writing.

I’m addicted to balsamic vinegar and coconut lattes (NOT together!!). I’m also terribly afraid of germs – so wash your hands before reading this, okay?

We have a fish named Sylvester that we call Elvis and dream of someday adding a Vizsla dog to our family that we will call Caramel … but name Espresso. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?


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