What’s Good For Baby Goose …

… is also good for Momma!

I’ve been struggling lately with chores and chore charts. They seem to lose speed faster than my new chewing gum looses its flavor. [Seriously, do NOT buy Peelu Xylitol Dental Chewing Gum. It may be the “cleansing ‘toothbrush’ gum”, but you can hardly stand to keep it in your mouth as long as toothbrush. So, why bother?)

But back to topic: I have charts for me and the things I need to do each day and a generic one for the children. My husband has escaped his chart, but only because I haven’t printed it out. One of these days I’m betting the kids will catch on to his lack of chart and then I’ll have the permission to print it. I only want to do this so I won’t be the only one failing my chart!

The chores for all of us are reasonable and should be do-able, but too many days pass and something gets left off the list. Before I know it, I am swimming in missed chores and the chaos that comes with it. It’s not that I don’t do anything productive in a day, I just spread myself too thin or waste time on slightly productive things rather than do the highly productive things that make home-life go much smoother.

My angst lately has been the effect on my children and what am I teaching them in my actions?

They have morning, afternoon, and evening chores to do each day except Sunday. They are really tough, too, like “get dressed” and “brush your teeth”. I know, how can I sleep at night with such high expectations? But rarely do they do their chores without me telling them to and reminding them constant all day long about them. If I am having a less-productive day, they do as well because I am not nagging them.

I did try to change the trend by stating that THEY were in charge of reading their charts and doing their chores without me reminding them. My only responsibility was to set out their three quarters (one for each set of chores) in the morning. As each set is done in its time, they are to take the quarter and put it in their jar. If they do not, I take the quarter and put it in the “could have earned” jar. We added that second jar because we felt that they really needed to see how much money laziness or carelessness costs.

Yeah, nice plan, poor carry through. My need for growth in self-discipline has to be the only excuse, but excuses get you nowhere.

I have strayed from my daily chores and schedule so long that I cannot fully remember what they are. Why should I think that my children can do any better?

That is why I have a new resolve to grow in the area of self-discipline. I don’t think I am hopeless as it stands right now, but I know I have plenty of room for improvement. Realistically, I will never be the supermom on the go every second of the day because that is not my personality. I like to relish moments and keep my schedule open for opportunity to smell those lovely roses. I don’t think a break-neck speed of living is necessary or desirable and I will never allow myself to be there for long. What is the point of missing your whole life racing to the finish line? Life is to LIVE. But at the same time, too much relish makes one fat.

So, today I will focus on my self-discipline and make the changes I need. My goal is to not waste moments, but not rush through them either. The questions I will ask myself are, “Is this the best use of my time? Is there something else that should take priority to this right now? Is this the best choice for serving my family and others right now?”

Through prayer and the wisdom I will ask God for and the wisdom he has said he will give, I will grow in self-discipline and so will my family!

And by the way, sometimes a nap for mom IS the best choice for her family and others – SOMETIMES.


~ by trubyjohnsonwrites on 04/09/2010.

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